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Enchanted tool

Bringing a new generation of robots to life, combining world-class engineering and character design expertise to enchant the world

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A Dive into Deep Tech

We interviewed Xavier Lazarus from Elaia, a deep tech VC helping new technologies emerge and find their market.
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FemTech: Tackling Women’s Health Issues

Technology that better serves women’s health and well-being will take the stage this year at VivaTech. Here are some startups leading the challenge.
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Why Your Boss Needs to Send You to VivaTech

You want to come to Viva Technology 2023, but don’t know how to persuade your boss. Here are the top reasons why you should be here. See you in June!
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The Hot Topics VivaTech is Following This Year

As VivaTech approaches, what topics will drive our speakers and discussions? Take a peek at this year’s official conference tracks.
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