VivaTech 2021


Michaël Van Cutsem





Michael is co-founder and co-CEO of Beeodiversity which advises and develops projects for companies and public entities to create value with biodiversity regeneration and pollution reduction. Amongst others, BeeOdiversity developed a nature-based solution, the BeeOmonitoring, to monitor biodiversity and agricultural and industrial pollution on large surfaces via bees. Based on the data, well-targeted actions can be taken to enhance biodiversity, preserve natural resources, improve air quality. The BeeOmonitoring is one of the 1.000 Solar Impulse Solution. It is used by +70 partners in +10 countries with a positive impact on +75.000ha. The unique data collected by BeeOdiversity will soon enable artificial intelligence to assess the quality of a site in terms of biodiversity and pollution so that every actor can easily have access to proper information and act accordingly. These solutions are currently used by smart cities and corporates willing to protect their resources (water, food industry, etc), reduce any negative impact, empower local communities, manage thier site in favor of biodiversity with impact metrics, etc. After studying law (with a master in finance and management), Michael started his career as a M&A lawyer in an international law firm before joining a prime real estate company as director. At the age of 33 he took a year off to backpack in South America and redefine his professional goals. He realized how badly the environment was changing in certain countries and impacting local communities. The outcome was clear: he wanted to become an entrepreneur to trigger a positive change. In 2012, he met Bach Kim Nguyen, a worldwide expert regarding the bee and biodiversity decline issue and Ashoka Fellow. Together, they created BeeOdiversity.