VivaTech 2022


Ariel Hudes

Head of Pace Verso

Pace Gallery


Ariel Hudes is Principal in Pace Ventures, Pace Gallery’s business development hub. Hudes spearheaded the development and launch of Pace Verso, the gallery’s Web3 arm, and she continues to lead its business, overseeing strategy and new projects. She previously served as Director of Business Development in Pace Ventures. Hudes has worked closely with Pace artists, including Jeff Koons and Glenn Kaino, to realize their boundary-pushing NFT projects with Pace Verso. Bringing innovative digital artworks to the fore of Pace’s program, she has played a key role in the development of Koons’s ambitious Moon Phases NFT project, through which the artist will bring a group of sculptures to the Moon. Comprising Moon sculptures, sculptures that will remain on the Earth, and NFTs that correspond with each sculpture on the Moon and the Earth, Moons Phases centers on the Moon as a symbol of curiosity and achievement. Through her work on Kaino’s Pass the Baton NFT project, which facilitates a generative and enduring crypto-giving structure by directly funding activists and nonprofit organizations in the US, Hudes supports the artist’s efforts to harness blockchain technology for systemic change. In her role as Principal on the Pace Ventures team, Hudes has collaborated with Pace leadership on other business development opportunities, including Superblue, an enterprise dedicated to experiential art with a presence in Miami and London. Through its immersive and highly innovative presentations of technologically minded works, Superblue has created a new model for viewing and experiencing art. Prior to her tenure at Pace, Hudes worked as a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group and as a communications strategy consultant for leading galleries and museums. She received her MBA from Yale University, where she led the Innovation Advisory team at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. Her interest in digital art began nearly 15 years ago at Brown University, where she studied under and collaborated with Mark Tribe, who founded Rhizome, a digital art platform with close ties to the genesis of NFT technology.