Vivatech 2023

Captain of MIT Varsity Tennis Team 1968-69

Bob Metcalfe

Emeritus Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

Internet pioneer since 1970 at MIT, Harvard, Xerox PARC, Stanford, and his Silicon Valley startup 3Com. Inventor of Ethernet 1973. Founder of 3Com 1979. Ethernet is computer networking technology proposed on May 22, 1973 -- 50 years ago. Ethernet has since been reinvented, standardized, and commercialized into the billions. Bob Metcalfe just received the $1M Turing Award -- "Nobel Prize in Computing" -- for leading Ethernet's invention, standardization, and commercialization.

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Captain of MIT Varsity Tennis Team 1968-69

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5G & Connectivity

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