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Joe Fitzsimons

Founder & CEO

Horizon Quantum Computing

Joe Fitzsimons is the founder and CEO of Horizon Quantum Computing, a company committed to advancing quantum computing as a versatile technology capable of addressing some of the world’s most challenging computational problems. Before founding Horizon Quantum Computing in 2018, Joe held a tenured position as an associate professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, where he led the Quantum Information and Theory group. He was also a principal investigator at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, contributing to both theoretical computer science and physics through his research. Earlier in his career, Joe spent time as a fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and a senior research fellow in the Materials Department at the University of Oxford. During this time, he co-invented the universal blind quantum computing which has since become recognised as an important enabling technology for securing cloud-based quantum computing. Joe holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where his research focused on quantum computing architectures, and a bachelor of science degree in theoretical physics from University College Dublin.

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