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Dominic Lee


Piccoma Europe

Dominic recently joined piccoma Europe. Piccoma has become one of the top-grossing apps worldwide, and with its diverse manga and smartoon contents, Dominic aims to connect with a larger audience of European readers. Prior to joining piccoma, Dominic accumulated diverse experiences in the IT field for approximately 10 years. Throughout his career, Dominic has consistently demonstrated his expertise and versatility in the realm of technology. As a tech investment team leader at NC SOFT, where he led the team in identifying and evaluating startups in the gaming and tech industry, from early-stage to late-stage companies. He played a pivotal role in the investment process and collaborated with VC funds to make strategic investments in promising startups. Dominic also actively participated in the tech investment committee, contributing to the evaluation of startup technologies and decision-making processes. Dominic also held multiple roles at Samsung Electronics, from Product Marketing, New Business Development, to Chief of Staff role in the Strategic Planning Office. Dominic's responsibilities included managing partnerships with companies like Facebook, overseeing investments from Samsung Next, facilitating post-merger integration of Smart Things, expanding the Tizen ecosystem, and more. Dominic's diverse background and expertise make him a valuable asset to the piccoma Europe team, as he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology, investments, strategic partnerships, and emerging trends in the digital entertainment industry. With these diverse experiences, he aims to expand the reach of manga and smartoon content among European region.

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