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Sophie Viger


Ecole 42

Sophie has been passionate about geek culture and computers since childhood. A strong advocate of project-based learning, Sophie has been a freelance developer, computer programming teacher, director of the Web@cademy, the Samsung Campus and the Coding Academy by Epitech. In 2018, she was appointed Managing Director of 42. Under her leadership, the international dimension of 42 has grown exponentially. From an innovative educational model present in six countries, she created a connected international network which, four years later, is present in 26 countries on all continents with 47 campuses. At the same time, she is making 42 more inclusive as early as the application stage by removing the age limit, and on a daily basis by promoting a healthy environment for collectivity and community. Sophie is also committed to combating the systemic stereotypes of the technological world to enable more women to consider a career in IT. Through these actions, 42 is today one of the most sought-after IT training courses for both women and men, and has been recognised as the number one training course in terms of ethics in 2022 on the WURI Ranking (source). Deeply involved in social and societal transformation issues, Sophie initiated the first "female ambition" IT development course in 2016, which was 80% female. Administrator on the Board of Directors for #JamaisSansElles, Learning Planet Institute and Shark Robotics, she received the title of Knight of the National Order of Merit in 2021. Her next challenge? To revolutionise the world of education... by making 42 the world reference in IT and inclusion!

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