VivaTech 2021


Francois Taddei





Co-founder and President of CRI, François advocates for the co-construction of a Learning Planet and the cultivation of learning communities that develop sustainable solutions for the education, digital, and SDG sectors. He is an alumnus of Ecole Polytechnique, a senior engineer of the Corps des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts and holds a Ph.D in molecular and cellular genetics. He is an internationally renowned researcher in education and evolutionary systems biology and an Ashoka Fellow. He served in the Scientific Advisory Board of Universcience, DGESCO and the Haut Conseil de l’Education. He is the co-commissioner of several research & education reports for the French Government, OECD, the UE, UNESCO and author a book entitled ‘Apprendre au 21e siècle’ (Learning in the 21st century). He is an honorary causa doctor from UC Louvain. In February 2020, he was awarded the Eureka North Shore Prize for the promotion of science education and outreach.