VivaTech 2021


Audrey Tcherkoff

Managing Director




Head of the Institute for Positive Economy (‘Institut de l’Économie Positive’) and newly appointed Executive Director of the Women’s Forum, Audrey Tcherkoff has been promoting, for many years, a fairer and more inclusive world for women and future generations. Audrey started her career in the private sector, occupying several international positions for about 12 years. After a long experience with the pearl production group Robert Wan where, as CEO, she founded and developed the Middle Eastern division, Audrey chose to turn her career around and engaged in the “positive economy” sector. She first joined the Positive Planet Foundation’s Board, whose mission is to raise funds destined to fight poverty and all forms of exclusion. She became vice-president of the Foundation in 2016. Since then, Audrey has invested all her energy into strengthening women emancipation projects within the Foundation and giving them a prominent place in the various summits the Foundation organizes. Audrey was then appointed head of the Positive Economy Advocacy (PEA), which brings together stakeholders engaged in economic transformation. She co-founded the Positive Cinema Week (Cannes) with the aim of promoting directors who are committed to preserving the planet for future generations. In 2018, she and Jacques Attali created the Institute for Positive Economy, of which she is the Executive President. Driven by the desire to move lines around, Audrey has led numerous pieces of works within the Institute with the goal of raising awareness about, and improving the condition of women throughout the world. In 2020, she published ‘Manuel pour une sortie positive de la crise’, a book that addresses the urgent need to reinvest in girls' education at the international level and put women at the