Vivatech 2023


Karima Ben Abdelmalek

CEO & President


I have more than fifteen years of experience working with major groups in their digital transformation, thanks to my expertise in digital and technology law. I have also contributed to their international business development. I joined happn in 2017: before taking over as head of the company, I held the position of General Secretary and Legal Director. I worked in particular on all topics related to the privacy and security of happn users' data. These are topics that are particularly close to my heart, as I have also been personally involved for over 16 years in the Association for the Development of Legal Information Technology, of which I'm now President. In 2021, I became CEO of happn, with the ambition to make the dating experience even more real and authentic. The company now has over 100 employees to serve this mission and ensure singles have a safe and happy place to make new connections. I am also a founding member of the Women In Dating movement, which aims to influence the future generation of leaders in the dating industry by promoting the inclusiveness and representation of women.

My interests

AI & Robotics
Diversity & Inclusion
Growth & Investment
Marketing & Advertising

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