Vivatech 2023


Caroline Villecroze

Project Director WeSailForPeopleAndPlanet


Caroline Villecroze is Chief Marketing and Sustainability at Leyton, a global consultancy firm dedicated to funding and sustainable performance. Respectively engaged for several years in a sailing program that combines performance and impact, Leyton and Advens, a cybersecurity specialist, have chosen to combine their forces to create a more ambitious project, WeSailForPeopleAndPlanet. Caroline Villecroze is co-piloting this unique sport project which associates two inseparable causes, Planet and People, for which the skippers Thomas Ruyant and Sam Goodchild will sail around the globe next Vendée Globe. WeSailForPeopleAndPlanet main objective is to raise funds and support actions from several impact partners, the such as Entourage organization which fights against exclusion.

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