VivaTech 2021


Michael Rickwood

chief coaching officer




Initially a classically trained actor with 12 years of experience on stage and screen, Michael swapped his passion for acting in favour of business communication and design in 2011. Today, apart from consulting, training and coaching executives from all sectors and industries all over the world including Engie South East Asia in Singapore, French Search Engine Qwant in Paris and the World Bank in Washington DC, Michael also coaches speakers at hugely successful TEDx and WikiStage conferences. Michael has also coached many start-ups, notably for Microsoft Accelerator, Numa Sprint and Business France for various initiatives in the US. Michael still takes to the stage himself, but instead of acting, he delivers entertaining keynotes and acts as Master of Ceremonies for company events most recently for Vivatech Paris in 2019 and is also booked for 2021. Michael also teaches at HEC Executive MBA and CELSA Sorbonne