Vivatech 2023


Sarah E. Endline

Executive Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence

Harvard Business School

Sarah Endline is an Executive Fellow & Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at the Harvard Innovation Lab & Harvard Business School. She is currently creating & speaking around the unfolding Web 3 world especially focused on consumer innovation, impact, art & collectibles. Sarah was in Silicon Valley launching products at Yahoo! during Web 1 and created sweetriot cacao in NYC sold at Whole Foods as a B Corporation. Sarah is also an active angel investor and mentor via Tech Stars Paris, Zu (Cirque du Soleil Montreal), ERA in NYC, and Antler in the Nordics. Sarah grew up in a Michigan farm town and has an Harvard MBA & a Bachelors from The University of Michigan.

My interests

Diversity & Inclusion
Environment & Climate Tech
Food & Agriculture

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