Vivatech 2023


Jeremy Lamri


Tomorrow Theory

Jeremy Lamri is a French entrepreneur and researcher specializing in understanding and developing human potential. He has founded or co-founded several organizations including Le Lab RH, Monkey tie, Hub France IA, Gaspard & Joseph, and more recently Tomorrow Theory, of which he is CEO. He studied physics at Oxford and strategy at HEC Paris, and holds a PhD from Paris Descartes in psychology. Author of several books and lecturer on the future of work and organizations, he teaches at HEC Paris and Sciences Po Paris. Jeremy is a strategic advisor or member of the board of directors of various organizations, such as JobTeaser, Maki People, the Centrale Nantes Foundation and the Institute of Socio-Dynamics.

My interests

AI & Robotics
Diversity & Inclusion
Metaverse & XR
Web3, Blockchain, Crypto & NFT

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