Vivatech 2023


Mariage Pierre-Antoine

CEO & Founder


Pierre-Antoine is engineer in biotechnology with a specialization in industry & management. He started his career with Galactic (BE) where he progressed from R&D assistant to R&D manager within 10 years. He built new processes & factories for Galactic in Belgium, the US & China. He founded Green2Chem in 2011 with the goal to unlock plant biodiversity trough the production of rare & difficult plants in a bioreactor. Since its inception, Pierre-Antoine Mariage has successfully steered Botalys through its scaling-up phase, raising 16 million euros through funding rounds and subsidies. As a result, Botalys has been positioned as a global leader in the sourcing of medicinal plants. His strategic vision and focused execution have been instrumental in transforming Botalys into a significant player in the global botanicals industry, highlighting the potential of sustainable and innovative plant sourcing for medicinal purposes.

My interests

Environment & Climate Tech
Food & Agriculture

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