VivaTech 2021


Johnny Boufarhat

Founder and CEO


United Kingdom


Based in London, Johnny Boufarhat is the Founder and CEO of Hopin, an online events platform that’s redefining virtual events and connecting people around the globe. The platform has been used by well-recognized organizations including the United Nations, NATO, Dell, Slack, CNBC, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and many more. Bourfarhat developed the concept for Hopin after becoming immunocompromised in 2015; his weakened immune system prevented him from leaving the house. While he stayed connected with family and friends through social media and digital messaging, Johnny missed one thing from his previous life -- live events. Johnny dreamed of wandering between sessions, listening to keynotes, and meeting inspiring new people. This led him to create Hopin -- bringing the intrinsic value of live in-person events to a virtual venue Boufarhat started Hopin in 2019 and in less than a year, scaled the company to over 3.5 million users and 50,000+ organizations hosting events. Hopin replicates the dynamism of live events by providing interactive sessions, breakout rooms, and randomized pairing for networking. The company recently closed its $125 million Series B this November. Johnny graduated from The University of Manchester with a Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with Management in 2016. When Johnny is not working on Hopin, he is an avid food and health enthusiast and enjoys keeping up with world news.