VivaTech 2021


Aurelie Jean

Computational Scientist and Entrepreneur


United States of America


Aurélie Jean has been working for more than 15 years as a research scientist and an entrepreneur in computational sciences, applied to engineering, medicine, education, economy, finance and journalism. In the past, Aurélie worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Bloomberg. Today, Aurélie works and lives between the USA and France where she shares her time between consulting, research, editorial contributions, and teaching in grad schools and executive education mainly at MIT. She is CEO and founder of In Silico Veritas, a consulting and development agency in data and algorithm sciences; and CAIO and co-founder of DPEEX, a deep tech startup in precision and predictive medicine applied to breast cancer. She published two books De l'autre coté de la Machine (2019) and L'apprentissage fait la force (2020) at L'Observatoire. She has a weekly column in Le Point on sciences and technology, and bi-monthly column in Les Echos.