Vivatech 2023


Jonas Baer Hoffmann

General Secretary


Jonas Baer-Hoffmann is General Secretary of FIFPRO, which represents more than 60,000 professional footballers through 66 national player associations. He is leading FIFPRO negotiations with FIFA on a charter of player data rights, and the evolution of data ownership and protection in professional football. On behalf of players, FIFPRO has recently successfully negotiated amendments to international employment rules including the first maternity rules in football and a $16 million fund to compensate players left unpaid when their clubs go bankrupt. Baer-Hoffmann has also overseen major collective actions by players on World Cup conditions and compensation. General Secretary since January 2020, he joined FIFPRO in 2012 to work on policy and public affairs, having previously established a trade union for basketball players in Germany, and represented the multi-sport federation EU Athletes.