Vivatech 2023


Luciana Lixandru

General Partner


Luciana Lixandru is a Partner at Sequoia, where she focuses on enterprise and consumer technology companies across Europe and co-leads Sequoia's early-stage investment business in the US/Europe. She works closely with companies like Pennylane, Veed and Robco and is passionate about helping founders unlock their potential and think on a global scale. Prior to becoming Sequoia’s first partner in Europe in 2020, Luciana worked at Accel for eight years, where she led investments in UiPath (PATH), Deliveroo (DROOF), Miro, and Hopin, among others. Luciana has also held positions at Summit Partners and Morgan Stanley. She has a B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from Georgetown, and resides in London.

My interests

AI & Robotics
Mobility & Smart City

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