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I love board sports, on the snow or in the ocean

Philippe Botteri



Philippe is a partner at Accel and has worked in the venture industry for the last 17 years, with a particular focus on cloud computing and security investments. Philippe started his VC career back in 2006 in Silicon Valley and, over the next five years, witnessed the cloud and SaaS ecosystem gain momentum and many foundational SaaS companies emerge. There was still a lot of skepticism around SaaS, but Philippe was an early believer in the power of cloud computing and started sharing his thoughts on his blog Cracking the Code. The SaaS momentum that was gathering pace in the US didn’t really exist in Europe when Philippe moved back in 2011 and joined Accel. Marketplaces such as France’s BlaBlaCar (multimodal transport) were Philippe’s first investments in the region, but over the next few years he spotted the green shoots of Europe’s first cloud companies emerging. Some of his first European cloud investments in 2015 were Doctolib (now France’s highest valued start-up) and Algolia. As the traction in Europe’s cloud ecosystem started accelerating in 2016, Philippe crystalised this momentum by publishing the Accel Euroscape, an in-depth report on the European and Israeli cloud ecosystem. For the first time, the report presented the top 100 European and Israeli SaaS companies, highlighting that the region was active in the global cloud ecosystem, and that not all successful software companies were coming from the US. Philippe’s portfolio over the last decade represents some of the most recognisable cloud companies globally - DocuSign for example - and Europe and Israel’s fastest-growing cloud success stories: Algolia, Chainalysis, Doctolib, Melio, Snyk, and UiPath. He is also on the board of Fiverr (NASDAQ: FVRR) and worked closely with the team at CrowdStrike. Prior to joining Accel, Philippe spent close to 10 years in Silicon Valley, including five years at Bessemer Venture Partners. He started his career with McKinsey & Co in 1998.

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I love board sports, on the snow or in the ocean

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