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Pierre Côte

Head of Strategic Partnership & Innovation, mRNA


Pierre Côte (PhD, MBA) has 20 years of professional experience in academia and the pharma industry. He has joined Sanofi in Jan 2020 through a 2-year leadership acceleration program connecting Medical, Research & Development and Franchise & Product Strategy. Pierre was directly involved in the creation of Sanofi’s mRNA Center of Excellence launched in July 2021, where he was appointed Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovations at mRNA CoE covering for both EU and North America geographies. He recently relocated with his family in Boston while keeping the same role. Before joining Sanofi Pasteur, Pierre worked 7 years at Boehringer Ingelheim Canada in Medical and he co-founded an Incubator (BICL Incubator) specifically address challenges/opportunities in healthcare through Blockchain, AI, VR/AR, and platforms’ solutions. Pierre received his academic grounding in Genetics and Genomics at McGill University (PhD) and University of Toronto (Post-Doc) where he studied mRNA expression, fungal pathogens genomics, genotype to phenotype and big data. Finally, he recently finished his Global executive MBA in June 2020 (Rotman at U. of Toronto) specialized in Healthcare and Life Science.

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