Vivatech 2023


Blaise Matuidi

General Partner and Co-founder

Origins Fund

Blaise is a 2018 World Champion with the French football team! Fascinated by technology and its impact, Blaise has started angel investing a few years ago and quickly understood the power of his influence for consumer tech companies. With very strong relationships with many top athletes (NBA, soccer, tennis) and influential celebrities (DJs, artists), Blaise founded Origins, a VC fund backing legendary consumer founders with an unfair advantage from seed to Series A. Not only does Origins Fund invest cash but an investment from Origins Fund also come with influential LPs that have a community of 160M+ followers, leveraged to highlight portfolio companies.

My interests

Gaming & esports
Growth & Investment
Healthcare & Wellness
Media, Entertainment, Creators Economy
Web3, Blockchain, Crypto & NFT

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