VivaTech 2021


Anton Soulier



United Kingdom


After completing a master’s degree in Economics at Neoma Business School, French-born Anton Soulier moved straight into the food world where he launched – an organic fruit dessert company in the UK, which was stocked in all major supermarkets across London. During his time in London, Anton came across Deliveroo – then a fledgling startup – and joined them as an early member of their team. He spent a year developing Deliveroo in London, before returning to Paris to become Deputy General Manager for Deliveroo France; successfully growing Deliveroo’s Paris team from 0 to over 100 employees. It was around this time that Anton spotted a gap in the market. He noticed that delivery platforms had created an irreversible trend whereby the volume of orders for some restaurants were sky-rocketing, however, supply could not keep up with demand and the pool of restaurants in the market were not equipped to latch on to the trend. This is when Taster was born – restaurants entirely dedicated to delivery, without compromising on quality of food or service. The efficient process means orders are received digitally and directly to the kitchen, where they are quickly cooked, resulting in consumers enjoying delicious food, faster than ever.