VivaTech 2021


Sophie Comte





Sophie Comte, co-founder of Chut! Magazine, is a committed woman. She promotes more inclusion and diversity in technology through a 100 pages quarterly. Chut! Magazine explores the impact of technologies on our lives. It features pop illustrations and has a unique design. Distributed in newsstands and bookstores, the magazine puts women in technologies forward through a dedicated section and respects parity among those interviewed. Through Chut! Radio, Chut! also launched a series of podcasts, like “Toutes Rôles Modèles” which interviews French female figures of the Tech industry. Sophie and her partner Aurore Bisicchia first founded the digital agency “Les Chuchoteuses” before embarking on the Chut! adventure. They decided to create a media that would breathe a new life into the media landscape of technologies. On the menu : taking a step back to think and analyse, a paper format to give room to exploration, a serious commitment to ethics and responsibility, an editorial line that questions our uses of technologies, a podcast format to create bridges between the online world and the “real” world... Chut! received the Médias en Seine jury and public prize and the Women and Digital prize from La Poste Group.