Vivatech 2023


James Williams

Chief Growth Officer

Lasso Safe

James Williams is a globally recognised marketing executive with over 25 years of experience, including an impactful 16-year tenure at Coca-Cola. While there, James was instrumental in leading some of the most innovative and high-return campaigns across the UK and Europe. His career reached a high point when he spearheaded Coca-Cola’s successful Olympic sponsorship campaigns in London and Rio de Janeiro, culminating with the Tokyo Olympics. In Tokyo, James delivered Coca-Cola’s most successful Games on record, overachieving on commercial returns with an unprecedented +$375m NSR. Since leaving Coca-Cola, James has transitioned into consulting, channeling his extensive experience into advising on various purposeful projects. Among these is Lasso Safe, where he’s helping to create and launch a pioneering sports wellness platform. His robust understanding of the sports industry from a corporate perspective, coupled with his passion for purposeful initiatives, uniquely positions him to contribute significantly to athlete safety and wellness.

My interests

AI & Robotics
Diversity & Inclusion
Growth & Investment
Marketing & Advertising

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