VivaTech 2021


Simon Létourneau

Co-founder & CEO




Simon Létourneau, CEO & co-founder @Carbo is 35 years old. After his studies at Centrale engineering school, he began his career in the consulting and the public sector and then had successful experiences in startups such as Sport Heroes and Usbek & Rica. After an eco-ming out (ecologic coming out) a few years ago, he changed his daily life and created Carbo with Julien Janson and Emmanuel Watrinet. The goal? Raise awareness to reduce our carbon footprint thanks to technology and pedagogy. Since a couple of years, Carbo has seduced more than 20.000 individuals and tomorrow will include 10 million citizens with La Banque Postale. Carbo for Business is now used by more than 100 companies like Back Market, Alan, Malt, KissKissBankBank or Zei. Active member of the Impact France movement and Tech for Good France, the Carbo team is deeply convinced that tomorrow, carbon footprint monitoring will be everywhere in our daily lives.